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The Process

If you can dream it, we will build it…. Here at core homes, we believe that no one size fits all and this applies to your home as well. We work with you, your needs, your budget and design a Bespoke house plan that not only allows your personality to stand out but will also take advantage of the sun and size of your section. Contact us today to arrange an onsite visit and then make the best recommendations for you, your situation and your site.



  • We will meet with you and talk in depth about what it is that you are looking for in your home.  

  • We will cover what your needs are, the investment that you are working with and the size of your section, your expectations and what you are trying to achieve 

  • We offer three free concept floor plans. We then offer unlimited changes for free until we get that perfect home for you. 

  • This stage, we believe, is one of the most important stages for you to ensure you get the floor plan that you not only are happy with but can see yourself living in it. 

  • This process can take from 2 - 4 weeks. 


  • Now that we can visualize what your house is going to look like, let’s get into the details of what's in your home. What is important to your needs and your wants. 

  • We will go in depth about the flooring, windows, heating system tapware, the list is endless, but no stone will be left unturned. 

  • Depending on how involved your home is, this process can take around 2 - 6 weeks depending on the size and complexity of your home. It is so important we get this right from the beginning.  


  • Since we have your home and specification confirmed, discussed in detail any changes that are needed and you are happy with the specification, we can now move onto confirming your build cost. 

  • We then price your home 

  • We will do one last final sit down with you, go over with you, your building contact with all your specification needs. 

  • Sign the paperwork 


  • From here, we will do the full working drawings. This timeframe is about 4 - 6 weeks.  

  • These working drawings will then be lodged with council for consent which will take a minimum of 20 days to be approved. 

  • We manage this process from start to finish, including liaising with relevant consultants e.g., surveyor, geotechnical engineer, engineers.  

  • The Consent is issued 



  • Let the construction begin. Each home build is unique. We will work closely with you and outline timing and construction stages.

  • Our project manager will develop a time schedule and liaise with all our trusted suppliers and contractors to ensure your build is kept on time.  

  • You will hear from our team throughout the process and will be able to keep an eye on your build and what stage it is in through our online building program. 

  • We will do regular onsite visits with you. 

  • Any variations to your contract that you wish to change will be discussed as they arise, and you will be required to sign-off before commencing. 

  • We will do our final inspection to ensure your bespoke home meets our high expectations and before a final inspection from Council. 


  • A final walkthrough with you before handing over keys to your brand-new home. 

  • You move into your beautiful new home! 

Stage One- The Brief and concept- Getting to know your home

Stage two- Specification- Let us start visualizing the details

Stage three- The contract- Bringing it all together

Stage four- Working Drawings- Lets bring it all to life

Stage five- The build- Bring dreams to reality 

Stage six- Handover

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