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Why should I choose Core Homes?

We love building! Core Homes is not a franchise volume builder. We are independently owned and operated and believe quality is far more important than quantity. You will get a personal experience from the start, not a pushy sales person. You will talk to the owner who have a vested interest in each home being built to the highest standard so that you are happy with the result.

Isn't one Building the same as another?


No. The old saying applies here; you get what you pay for. Lots of building companies and franchise companies are owned offshore. We are 100% NZ owned and operated; we build throughout Canterbury with our own team no matter where you might be.

What are some of the critical differences between Core Home and other builders?

Core Homes is an independent business which is a huge advantage to anyone looking to build a home of their own. It is run by its owners and we take pride in building new homes that reflect the quality and attention to detail. We do not offer unrealistic ‘from’ prices just to generate an enquiry. Although we can provide an inclusions list, generally our clients tell us what they require in their new home and we include that in the pricing. Core Homes tend to build homes that the volume builders can’t build or do not wish to build due to the degree of difficulty or customisation. We cater for all types of housing, while maintaining a personal and professional service found that can only be found in smaller companies. You will deal directly with the owners of the company from concept to completion.

Are you a franchise building company?

No, Core Homes is independently owned and operated, therefore no franchise fees are incorporated in our clients builds. Franchises seek volume, so why be treated as a number? We want to build a positive relationship with you so that it becomes a two-way street. This leads to positive outcomes for all.

Do you build cookie cutter homes?

No, we take pride in designing and building one off homes. Our plan range offers a great starting point for clients, but each home is customised to suit, and will not be replicated. We do not want to build the same house twice as no customer is the same.

How many changes can I make during the design process?

Unlimited. Yes, that is right we offer an unlimited amount of changes so that you are totally happy with the design before we start to price. Our design software makes it easy to shifts walls doors and windows.

I’m worried that I don’t know how the home will look when finished.

That’s a common question we hear. We have access to a couple of computer programmes that lets you ‘walk though’ the home before we start. Whilst it is not perfect it gives you a good idea of what you can expect once construction has started.

I have an odd shaped section, can you help?

Absolutely! We love odd shaped sections! We do not have a fixed idea on how homes should look. If it needs an ‘outside the box’ approach to the home design, we think of it.

How many concepts do you do for new clients?

Once we have been to site with you and talked about what you are after, we then do 3 free concepts. If you like one of them, we take it from there


How can I keep the building project within our budget?


The only way to guarantee your project within your budget is to enter into a full contract, fixed price agreement with us. We like to discuss all the Prime Cost Sums and work out if you are likely to spend more on these items than what the we have allowed. For example, kitchens and carpets can vary hugely depending on what you want. We do not want you to be surprised by anything during the build.

Does my home come with a Master Builder guarantee?

Yes, we include a Master Build Guarantee with all new homes, and you can transfer this to a new owner within the first 10 years.


Can you quote & build from our Architects plans?

Yes, absolutely! We love proactive clients. We can also help with suggestions during the design process at no cost to you. 

Do you have standard plans?


We have a big range of plans for you to choose from and we can build directly from those plans or you can tweak and change it to suit your needs. The best thing you can do is create your wish list for your home and talk to us to see how we can make that happen for you and your investment level. Our best solution is when we visit your piece of land and come up with a unique solution to you and your needs.


How much per square meter to build a house?

This is a very common question when it comes to building homes, but with each home being customised to the client it is difficult to accurately price using a square metre rate formula. The best option is for you to provide a budget, which gives us a point to work to.


Is there a maximum or minimum value of home you will build?

Not at all. We work with your investment figure and make sure that we listen to you and your needs. You might want a larger home with a less fancy features or a smaller home filled with nicer things inside. Its totally up to you.

There are lot of decisions to make during the build who can help me with these?

Our design and project management team are absolute experts when it comes to advising, guiding, and supporting you to make the best possible decisions throughout every phase of the design process. You will be helped every step of the way.

How long does it take to build a house?

With each home being unique it does vary, but as a guide most homes are finished in approximately 18 to 22 weeks from when the slab has been poured. We will not be rushed into doing it as fast as possible using any old sub trade. Whilst that might be quicker, we have a dedicated team of subtrades that we have the upmost faith in. We will do it once and do it right. If we rush, we will have to move in with you to fix up the muck ups!


Do you do House and Land Packages?

We can, but we believe it to be more cost effective for clients to purchase a section separately. Most companies selling house and land packages have added additional expenses to the actual cost of the section, therefore you end up paying more. But we can help you find your perfect section! We can also speak to local developers on your behalf.

How do we pay for the building project?

One advantage of full building contracts is that you only need to make payments to one company and at specific stages of the project – progress payments. When you receive our comprehensive building plan, it will include your payment schedule and your construction schedule, so that you know what to expect and when to expect it.


Can you help with finance?

Yes, we have great relationships with a couple of local mortgage brokers. They can help you out with arranging finance. Once you have established a budget with them, we can then put together some build options for you.

What does the Masterbuild Cover?

It covers you in the unlikely event of:

1. Loss of deposit
2. Non-completion of building
3. Material, workmanship and structural cover

Also you can transfer this to a new owner within the first 10 years. The balance of the warranty is transferrable for workmanship and product warranties. The usage conditions still apply for product.



Who will supervise the building of my home?

Core Homes oversees each build with the support of a dedicated Project Manager, keeping you in the loop every step of the way. If you are not happy then we will make sure you are happy before you accept the keys to your new home

When do I get to check out the progress in my home?


We encourage regular catchups on site at your build. Your dedicated Project Manager will ensure everything is constructed according to plan and on schedule. Meetings are held at various stages throughout the build, and you can request a meeting on site at any time you like. The only silly question we have had is the one that clients didn’t ask!


I want to knock down my existing house and build on the same site, can you help?

Talk to us – we can take care of the whole process from consents, to new construction. This is a great option for someone in an established residential area and do not want to move into a new subdivision. There are options for your old home as well which we can help with.


Can we have input into the interior design?

Yes! This is your home, so we welcome your input in selecting the look and feel of your home. While we can still accommodate variations at a later stage, we strongly recommend selecting everything before construction begins as it saves time and money.

Do you have a list of standard inclusion when building a home?

A standard inclusion list is a listing that details what goes into a build price as an absolute minimum. This is generally used as a starting point for preliminary estimates and a good way of comparing what builders include in their prices. If you have your own design and want a quote, we recommend writing up a “wish list” to submit with your plans. We will provide an all-inclusive estimate for the construction of your home based on the wish list. Should the estimate exceed expectations we can easily make recommendations on the inclusions to meet your budget.

Is it possible to change the floor plan whilst keeping the same appearance?

Yes, it is. In fact, we discourage rubber stamping of existing designs onto your building site. All our plans are customised to meet the needs and budget of clients just like you and take full advantage of the site. If, however there is a plan or elevation that really appeals to you we are more than happy to modify it to suit.  Alternately, you can use any of our plans as a starting point on achieving your ultimate design. We can offer different options for the external appearance of a particular floor plan, by changing the roof shape, colours, materials etc.

I’m interested, what next?

Fantastic! You can either call us, send us an email / message via our contact page. We will arrange your meet and greet session. This is a relaxed, obligation free session where you get to talk through your ideas of your exciting building project. If you feel like we are a fit, then we can take it to the next step.


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